Biolab Ltd. is a company specializing in the sale of diagnostic products.
We operate in the area of in vitro human diagnostics. Specifically, we work with Clinics, Public and Private Analysis Laboratories
We commercialize Point of Care systems for Pharmacies, Doctor’s Office and Polyclinics.

We operate in surgery, in vitro diagnosis and image for hospitals and veterinary clinics.

Our points of strength

Our strength is the choice of quality partnership as well as ensuring a technical support specialist.
From the technological viewpoint, the value added given is represented by MES, Tosoh, Sentinel, Medica Coorporation.

In what we believe

We believe in relationship with the customer and the supplier, we believe in loyalty and service quality. We are committed satisfy both the customer and the supplier. Since we have always been committed to the research of new technologies to offer our customers new solutions. We cater to both public and private clients with a focus of choice to the private sector.


The Biolab Ltd has always had as its mission the commitment to provide complete solutions of reagents, equipment and services in order to fully satisfy the customer. To this end the company has invested in specialized human resources in terms of technical and specialized that allow the Biolab Ltd. to manage a large park instrumental installed over the years and, periodically, is replaced customers with new generation tools in order to always be up to date in the various branches of the laboratory such as: clinical chemistry, immunoassay, hematology, coagulation, microbiology, andrology, molecular biology, electrolytes, blood gases, gastroenterology, electrophoresis, urine. We believe in the relationship with the customer and supplier, we believe in loyalty and service quality. We have always been committed to the research of new technologies to offer customers new solutions.

Our Team

Vincenzo Coppola

Catello Coppola
E-commerce Sales Manager

Valerio Calabrese
South Italy Sales Manager

Salvatore Scarpati
North Italy Sales Manager

Ernesto Masella

Ernesto Masella
Veterinary Sales Manager

Emilia Coppola

Cinzia Negri

Maria Somma

Maria Somma
Commercial Support

Ernesto Masella
Customer Service

Giovanna Iezza
Organization Technical Assistence and customer service

Romeo Coppola
Product Specialist and Supplier Management

Antonella Savastano

Antonella Savastano

Antonio Bellotti

Enrico Fioretti

Enrico Fioretti
Specialized Technician

Giovanni Della Monica

Giovanni Della Monica
Specialized Technician

Our Partners