ISperm, sperm analysis anywhere and at any time

Until a few years ago, sperm analysis in the veterinary field could only be performed at specialized centers or laboratories, with high costs and long waits for the final report.

Thanks to the new iSperm tool, it is possible to perform sperm analysis anywhere and at any time, thanks to a sophisticated lens and thermostat system mounted on the iPad camera of an iPad4 Mini and a custom application for iOS.

ISperm technology has been validated for various animal breeds such as cattle, dogs, horses, pigs and chickens.

The iSperm system is easy to transport and use and consists of:

  • Objective / Light Source
  • Plastic glass for collecting sperm
  • Cups with 2 different diameters: one (Sample Chips) for the collection and stratification of the sample, to be inserted on one end of the objective; the other cup to cover the whole (hood), avoiding leakage of material
  • iPad4 mini with the dedicated application

The procedure for sperm analysis is very simple:

  1. take the semen sample;
  2. gently shake the sample to make it homogeneous;
  3. pour an aliquot into the kit’s glass, without creating bubbles or foam;
  4. put the cup on the lens light source;
  5. immerse the tip vertically in the sample;
  6. cover with the special cover cup;
  7. screw the system onto the iPad4 mini camera;
  8. Start sperm analysis.

Through the species-specific app, it allows you to view the seminal sample, record a video of the sample, measure sperm concentration and motility and have a database in the cloud.

ISperm in a few seconds provides information on concentration, total and progressive motility and allows the calculation of the total doses to be used to make fertilization occur; this favors a correct use of the doses without waste of material. Moreover, the dimensions and the compact design allow easy transport and rapid use in any type of structure (veterinary clinic, breeding or veterinary clinic).