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The electrophoresis of the serum, is a laboratory analysis in use for several years and still always present, which allow to separate and, thus, to identify and evaluate serum proteins. Whey proteins are of five types:

    • The albumin, which generally represents the highest amount of proteins found in serum. the protein produced by the liver and has several functions, including the proper storage of liquids in the body because its presence makes sure that the fluids are within the blood vessels and not from overflowing (supervises the so-called “osmotic pressure”) . Furthermore, has the task of carrying through the blood, the active ingredients of drugs you are taking hormones and substances such as bilirubin.
    • The Alpha-1 globulins. proteins diffuse into the cells where they have a transport function of lipids, blood fats and hormones.
    • The Alpha-2 globulins, which, like the Alpha-1 globulins, proteins are diffuse cells used for the transport of certain substances such as lipids and hormones.
    • The Beta-globulins, proteins with transport function of substances in the blood. In particular, among these it is present as transferrin, which transports iron.
    • The Gamma-globulin, the most important blood proteins because they are antibodies the body.