The immunoassay is working to determine serum hormones, parahormones, drugs or viral agents. The name derives from the fact that the reaction between the reagent and serum door wing formation of immune complexes between the molecule that is going to search, an antibody specific primary and a secondary that can be labeled with fluorochromes or substances with high energy content or any other substance that allows it to be detected.

Exceptions are the molecules of smaller size that are detected through a process of competing with the antibody already in the form of complex. This means that large molecules are directly proportional to the amount of antigen-antibody complexes; the smaller ones are inversely proportional to these complexes. There are different tools on the market that use more or less the same method but using markers of different secondary antibodies with different relative reading methods.

The branch of ‘immunoassay is distinguished primarily in subcategories, employees of analyte: analyte thyroid, cardiac markers, tumor markers, virology, anemia, fertility hormones, osteoporosis, Torch complex, immunosuppressive drugs.

The spread of a number of diseases has led to automate the processes of analysis through the use of increasingly sophisticated tools. Parameters less common in the territory are not recorded by the classical ELISA method on 96-well plates for which it takes some procedural and so much more time to reach a result.