High performance and innovative miniaturization make CHISON CBit 4 an ideal system for a wide range of clinical applications.

Main unit including: 19 “high resolution LCD monitor, 10.1” touch screen, 3 probe connectors;
1 Convex probe with frequency range: 2.0 – 6.8 MHz;
1 Linear probe with frequency range: 4.0 – 15.0 MHz;
500 Gb hard disk; 6 USB ports;
Module for 4D; module for CW;
TGC (Time Gain Compensation) and LGC (Lateral Gain Compensation);
Picture Modes: B, 2B, 4B, B / M, B / BC, CFM, PW, Directional Power Doppler / PD, Triplex, Duplex, Instant Quadplex, Keystone View, Chroma B / M / PW, Full Screen;
Automatic real-time PW tracking and measurement;
Super Image Module (to improve image quality), including: FHI (to display second tissue harmonic), Multiple Compound Imaging (to improve image quality and reduce artifacts), SRA (Spot Reduction Algorithm) , AIO (automatic image optimization);
Q-Image (intelligent image optimization), X-contrast (improves contrast), Q-beam (increases image resolution and accuracy), Q-Flow (improves color sensitivity of the low-speed stream)
Measurement and calculation software packages: General, OB & GYN, Cardiac;

Included in CBit 4
Steer 2D, HIPPA (software for data protection and privacy when using devices).

CHISON CBit 4 quantity

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