CV5 Health Checking Plus (10 rotors)

Rotors dedicated to the Celercare V3-V5 clinical chemistry instrument, to simultaneously determine the following 19 tests:

ALB (Albumin) GLO (Globulin)
ALB / GLO (albumin and globulin ratio) GLU (Glucose)
ALPHA AMYLASE (Amylase) K + (Ionic potassium)
ALP (Alkaline Phosphatase) Na + (Ionic sodium)
ALT (GPT) Na + / K + (Sodium Potassium ratio)
BUN (Urea) P (Phosphorus)
BUN / CRE (Urea and Creatinine ratio) TBA (Total Bile Acids)
CA (Football) TBIL (Total Bilirubin)
CHOL (Cholesterol) TP (Total Protein)
CRE (Creatinine)


In vitro diagnostic medical devices for professional use.

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