Today, LOGIQ E9 produced by General Electric, with XDclear gives you a renewed freedom to use ultrasound in new ways.
You now have the power of extraordinary image quality on all patient body types, thanks to the combination of the Agile Acoustic Architecture with the new XDclear transducer technology.

The LOGIQ E9 with XDclear helps you improve workflow with ease, being assisted in your exams by advanced imaging and scanning protocols. The comprehensive expert tools, made easier for you, today include also 2D Shear Wave
Elastography for abdominal and superficial examinations.

The LOGIQ E9 powerful architecture overcomes the traditional rigid assumptions, showing a flexible ultrasound approach built on proprietary clinical models of the human body. The Agile Acoustic Architecture helps dynamically improve numerous imaging parameters. You can now acquire great images with minimal system adjustments, delivering remarkable image uniformity and enabling higher frequency at depth.


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