GE Voluson S8 BT 14

Voluson Signature Series produced by General Electric

The Voluson S8 system opens new opportunities in clinical imaging, while also enabling the efficiency and productivity that busy practices demand.

It is designed to help simplify the imaging procedure from the intuitive user interface for integrated automation to advanced software tools, used to get the most out of each exam.

Probes are critical to the quality and speed of exams, and to the clinician’s diagnostic confidence. The Voluson S8 supports a wide range of advanced 2D and 3D probes whose technology enables high quality images with exceptional reliability. System intelligence and probe technology combine to produce outstanding image quality with minimal user interaction–just place the probe and scan with confidence.

The Voluson S8 system hasahost of automated tools that help streamline complicated exams, ensure reproducibility of results, and keep your schedule on track. You can expect fewer keystrokes, greater responsiveness, andahigher degree of automation, enabling you to concentrate on the
patient rather than system operation.

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