.ROCHE Cobas E411 Rack automatic immunometry analyzer

Roche Cobas E411

The Roche Cobas E411 analyzer is an automatic system that uses ECL technology, unique in the world.

The electrochemiluminescence and the dispensing system ensure that the results are always reliable and that carry over is minimized.

With its new generation software, it makes it easy to consult the section of controls, calibrations, history and many other additional options, compared to the predecessor, which make navigation simple and easy for the operator.


Main features:

  • Large panel;
  • Reagent plate at 15 ° C;
  • Results in 18 minutes;
  • Automatic open / close system to avoid evaporation and contamination of the reagents on board;
  • Disposable tip that avoids contamination.
  • The automatic rack allows for continuous sample loading
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