.Snibe Maglumi X6

Automated benchtop chemiluminescence system.
Separation with nanomagnetic microparticles for maximum speed and efficiency.
High productivity: 450 tests/hour.
High productivity/space occupied ratio: 320 tests/h/m2.
Up to 112 expandable to 412 samples that can be loaded simultaneously.
Continuous loading, even in STAT mode, of primary or secondary tubes of all sizes.
Sample recognition via barcode reader or auto-numbering.
Up to 30 reagents on board, which can also be used simultaneously, with continuous loading.
The kit information automatically read via RFID for maximum efficiency and reliability.
Ready-to-use integrated kit, complete with all reagents, including calibrators.
RFID with all information included including the Master Curve.
2-point re-calibration on Curva Master, stable for up to 4 weeks.
Level sensor for samples and reagents and sample clot sensor.
Multiple dilution options with settable autodilutions for off-scale samples and reflex testing.
Interfaceable to the Laboratory LIS (bidirectional, host query).

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